Day 13: Fixing up the trailer.


Well, on this day we were going to drive towards New England and spend the night in either Pennsylvania or New York State. Our morning though we had to get the trailer back together. While we were in Chicago we had to make a really fast stop. We heard the trailer make a noise and we didn’t know exactly what had happened.

Well, once we were stopped in Indiana I learned that part of the wall had started to become removed from the trailer. Some screws had been removed from the walls before I got it and I just never thought to add new ones. There is also an important metal floor piece that holds the door to the floor and of course I didn’t screw that back in. Thus, it started to move off of the frame.

Stuart and I managed to get the wall back in place somewhat. We bought some liquid glue from a hardware store and added this in between. We put some tape below this to catch the glue and did one final push back into place.


We added the screws that were missing and it seemed to be in a much better space. We were lucky that it didn’t go any further.

It was in the 90′s this day and would dry pretty quickly. Around noon we headed back out on the road.

We had a few days left of our journey. We didn’t have any major stops that day. We were just going to get as far as we could in order to have a shorter drive the next.

We made it to Erie, Pennsylvania and decided to spend the night there.


We had just one more night till we made it “home.”

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