Latest sewing project.

I am finally going to get back to my creative projects on this blog. I have been writing about my diet lately, but I have been doing other things than purely being in the kitchen. Recently, I posted about being inspired by sewn computer bags. I came up with my own design. I wanted one that had a pocket with a place to store the cord. That is something that is never really added yet incredibly helpful.sewncomputerbag

I call the design for this, “New Hampshire Wild Style.” I am from NH and my boyfriend always says this when I wear something strange. This has a woodsy look to it inside and out.

I also added straps to make it easy for transport.


















Here is the pocket that holds the cords.


I used material, thread, and buttons that I already had. To add a thickener to the bag, I used some strips of thick interfacing that had to be sewn to it. It is two pieces thick and I basted these together. I then basted each edge together with a zigzag stitch in order to make the corners have a crease.


I then sewed this to the exterior fabric. I sewed along the lines of the wood grain with similar colored thread. This adds some texture to the wood grain and keeps the lining in place.

It is easy now to bring my computer with me to my studio. I use it a lot to show images that I am working from and to watch movies at the same time.

Going along with the “NH Wild Style” maybe I will watch this:

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