Working through failures.

It is hard when you try things and they fail. It is hard when you even have more than one failure in a row. It is really hard to keep going with projects when this happens. What I have learned from this is that I have to do something that I know will work and feel good about.

I am still trying to figure out how to attach my gas light to the copper fitting. I finally figured out that I can attach a 1/4″ attachment to the lamp with a new piece. I did not bring the original pieces with me to the hardware store but thought that I knew the size. I brought it home and realized it wasn’t. Fail #1. I then realized that I need a flaring tool. This is what opens up the metal to be able to snag it between the copper and the attachments. That means another trip to the store. I will save this for another day. Fail #2.






I had also bought a new hinge for my fake fridge door. As I work in the trailer, I notice that I want to change a few things in how it works together. That is what is great about being a creative person. I can adapt.

The hinge has a removable pin. I bought it and opened it, but the pin does not come out easily….Actually, I have not been able to take out the pin at all. I want to be able to open the door, but to also remove it easily. It is in the center of the trailer and can get in the way. I apparently needed a hinge that I don’t think my local store carries. So, fail #3.

So, I realized that I was dealing with things that were just frustrating me. I had to shift and do something that I knew would work.

I finished all of my 10 pieces for my upcoming group show. I finished these pieces in advance. They are not due for at least 4 days. I never get things done in time! Success #1!

I wanted to create a better place for them to be shown. This is where they can live before a show. I am thinking about making a short video about using my trailer as a studio and will show this in it.

I remembered that I had a piece of white fabric left over from making my curtains near the table. I took it out and realized that it would be perfect. I will show this in an upcoming video. Success #2!

This was a success. It created a hiding place for the items on my shelf to hide behind. I also found that I had some extra sheer fabric from my couch windows.

I knew that have been wanting to make some sheer curtains for my table area. There is a pile of random boards and random stuff outside my window and I thought that it would more pleasant in there not to see it. I quickly sewed the curtains (I knew that this was something that I could do right) and installed them in my already made curtain rods. I tied them together to let light in, but cover up only the areas that I don’t need to see. It worked out great!

Success #3!

I wanted to fold open my table to start my next project. I designed it in order for a box to be the stable leg. I would have to move my cushions to the couch area and they just got in the way. I finally thought, why don’t I just fold them on top of each other and add something to fill in the extra space. A small tin was above the table and it proved to be the perfect fit. I covered the mattress with a tablecloth to protect it. All in all, Success #4!

I then got out some stretcher bars and canvas and stapled it together for a commission that I am working on from an etsy client. It was easy and I have done it so many times that I knew that it would come out great….and it did! Success #4. I know how to stretch canvases and I thought of maybe even making a video on how to stretch canvas. I feel that this is a really important lesson that should be taught in painting courses. It would be a practice for me since I want to teach painting courses. Who knows, maybe I will do this.

So, it turns out that my successes outweighed my failures today and that was needed. This was a good lesson for me today. It is good to challenge myself, but I should remember than I can be successful with something if I really want to.


  1. Jerry Shelly says:

    Hi Rebecca, You do so many things that the video idea sounds great. You could link that to your resume. I have had many such failures in regards to the garden but by growing lots of different veggies something always shines. Bad tomato year but this year I will load up the garden with one that did good- variety: Stripped Roman. Can’t wait to try a tomato variety a neighbor gave me seed from a Italian Heirloom called Pelligieno. As for the gas connection just take your time to figure things out. That trailer blog could be a big help. Dad

  2. rebecca says:

    Hey Dad,
    I got the gas thing figured out. I haven’t found the exact parts yet, but it should work out fine. I am going to send you some seeds that I saved from my favorite tomato plant this year as well. It is the strawberry heart tomato. Amazing yields with a great flavor! I think that the video thing would be great for my resume. It would literally show how I teach.

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