Ties for sister’s wedding.

A major summer project of mine was making the men’s ties for my sister’s wedding. The bridesmaids ordered their dresses from Joielle.  My sister (the bride) ordered 2 extra yards of satin fabric for me to use to make the ties. I had never made ties before, but figured that it was something that I could easily do.

I searched online and found a pattern that I could download from the Purl bee. It looked like a great tutorial as well. It was a free pattern and I figured that I would make a practice tie for my boyfriend. I made him a magenta linen tie.

I made a few changes from the directions on the Purl bee blog. The groom was tall and wanted to be able to tie the knots in a Double Windsor knot (meaning extra fabric needed). I extended the pattern quite a bit for this. Since I was also making 7 adult and 2 children ties, I made a new pattern from the original that reflected itself to make it easier to make numerous ties.
All in all, with the time it took to get the patterns right, cut the fabric, cut the interfacing, baste the interfacing to the fabric (I did not iron it on because it was satin and I was nervous about it bubbling up), cut the back fabric, sew the fabrics together, hand stitch the length of the tie, and add a ribbon to hold the tie together, each tie took probably five hours. I was not expecting this. I thought that it would get faster, but it still took a long time for each. I also made pocket squares with the remaining fabric to match the ties.

Overall, I am really happy with the results. It took quite a bit of time, but I feel as if it was a great gift that I was able to give Julie and Paul.







Here are a few photos from the wedding that show their beautiful day as well as the ties spoken of.  The photos below are thanks to the incredible photographer Dylan Verner.

The ties were a great accent to the women’s dresses. The groom felt that the men could wear suits that they already owned yet the tie would bring everything together. Since it was the exact cut of fabric that the dresses were made from, this really helped for some consistency.

This is one of my favorite photos from the day. This is my mother, sister and I enjoying each other in only a way that mothers and daughters can.

Julie and Paul have been in a relationship for 10 years and it was great to be able to help them in my small way to make their wedding come together.

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