Latest Trailer Update!

It is amazing how everything is all of a sudden coming together. It seems like I have just started on this project, but it has been about 6 months. Right now, I am working on the curtains but will wait to post these until they are all done. My most recent items finished were the new cushion covers, metal strips for the stairs, painted the shelving and handles and created a shelving above the bed/couch area.

This photo shows a lot of what I have worked on lately. The major part is the new cushion covers. The fabric is a really soft corduroy. I got a light color to make it brighter in there, but dirt has quickly shown on it. I don’t recommend going with this light of a fabric.
I made the first one (bottom left) and just measured it and sewed it. It was a little baggy. The next one (above this) I created with a side zipper and pinned it to the cushion to get the exact size. It took forever to get the cover over the cushion. I posted on the Aristocrat forum to find out how they were originally done. I found out that there was a zipper placed down the back. This made it much easier to take the cushion on and off.

























I created the piping just using some yarn that I already had. I first tried using my zipper foot to make it. It wasn’t very exact. There are piping foots, but I did not own one. I thought of trying out my foot that I use for topstitching. It worked out really great because the “bump” of the yarn went easily through the opening.

The bed/couch cushions I am just going to cover with some simple fabric to cover the foam. Right now, it is covered with a large piece of fake fur.
There had been a lot of items that had been removed from the trailer when I bought it. One was metal stripping on the steps.

I found some metal at Lowe’s for $11 and cut it for the two steps. I found a piece of metal at Portland’s Rebuilding center for $2 for the bottom of the step. It is amazing how much better the steps look.















I also finally finished painting the doors for the shelving.



































I also created a shelving unit above the couch. This is where a folded bed would usually sit. I just raised it higher and made it permanent. I had some fancy trim that I found in a free box to add a little fancy to the area.








I have purchased a few items for the trailer. One of these was a vintage fan at a flea market for $8.








This dust pan was made by a local artist from a vintage trailer license.









I also found a travel waste tank for $12. They usually run for $150. I love flea markets!














I am glad that I am done with creating the cushions. I now understand why some people have come up with easier ways of creating them. Do you have any tips?

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5 thoughts on “Latest Trailer Update!

  1. What a great job you’ve done! I would suggest a contrast quilted protector that just lays on top of the bottom cushion for added protection.

    • Thanks Caitlin, I have used a lot of items that were recycled. I did have to buy a few things though. If I do buy something, it usually is on sale or I try and use it for multiple reasons. I am about to post about my new curtains that I created.

  2. Hi, Rebecca! Your restoration is amazingly beautiful, especially based on your “before” pics. I think I have a little tip for your cushions re: dirt, etc. I have read a lot about Scotchgard for fabrics. Not totally sure it will work on corduroy, but I think it’s worth a shot. Good luck and great job so far!

    • Thanks Susie! Thanks for the tip about the fabric. I purchased some cheap white table cloths online for a few dollars. They are water resistant and I just wrapped the cushions in them. This way if I get paint on them, it shouldn’t reach the cushions. When I want them to be presentable, I remove the covers and they are in great condition. It kind of reminds me of what people do with plastic covers on sofas but it works for me. I put so much work into the cushions that I want to be able to have them look good while still being creative in the space.

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