New vintage bike with custom made basket and seat cover!

I posted recently about my new bike, but here are pictures! It is a really old bike, but was fixed up to work like new. They recommend that I do not use it in the rain though because the brakes are testy with the wheels. I don’t bike in the rain, so this works for me. Unfortunately, there has been only one day that has been nice since I got the bike. So, I took it out for a trip to the bank and the library. It was a lovely ride!










I first created the seat cover. I used muslin to make a practice seat and then used fabric that I already had. I added some elastic and velcro to it in order to take it off if needed.
















I rode this over to the bike shop to buy the basket with Stuart. While there, the bike mechanic that had worked on it, told me that it was owned by only one other person. The woman had purchased the bike new and had rode it all over the Dartmouth campus. (Her husband was a professor there and they recently moved back to Portland) She donated it to the shop.
I enjoyed finding out this story. I feel as if I am an East Coast transplant and this connected me even more with the bike. This would have ridden around New Hampshire and that is where I am from! It is silly, but I can’t help it.
After Stuart installed the basket for me, I was thinking of designing the bag. In my earlier post, I showed some inspiration. I measured the basket and then came up with some drawings. The bag can be filled with many things because it has a lid on top.

If I don’t need the lid, it folds down easily into or around the basket and can tie.










I also quickly covered a cushion to match for Topher. I am going to wait to take him out till I get more comfortable with the bike. Adding extra weight to the front of the bike does make it move a little differently. Stuart recommended keeping your arms straight while riding. This made it more stable.

It also can be taken out of the basket and used as a bag. Since it took me two days to make the friggin’ thing, I will probably take it with me. I am really happy that I made it though. I just need some sun again….there was a teaser in the weather for monday, but now it is just rain….Do you have anything that you do in the spring to get ready for summer?

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