These past few weeks I have been busy painting the interior of the trailer. I am basically doing it in thirds. The first third was the sitting/table area, most of the ceiling, interior of the cabinets and outer wall of the closet. I am currently working on the second round of painting; the interior and door of closet, the exterior drawers, the cabinet doors and staining the table. The next painting will consist of the sleeping area, the kitchenette and the remainder of the ceiling. It has taken longer than expected because you basically can do only one coat of paint a day. Today, I did two and wonder how it will actually work out. Because there isn’t much heat in there, it takes longer to dry. I have tried to not rush it, but today I couldn’t resist adding a second layer. I will find out soon if it will work.

The interior of the closet used to have some some really cheesy drawer liners. I removed these and have painted them. I would like to put some fabric on the bottom of the main closet section though. This will need to be treated because I am going to be using this area to lay tools onto. I found a great demo on how to do it from Beckie of Infarrantly Creative.

She did use Fabric Mod Podge. I have never used this before. I think that I may just try and use my regular Mod Podge. I am wondering if they just added the Fabric on here to interest people in using it with fabric. I can’t really see what the main difference is. I guess I will find out soon enough.

The inside of the cabinet doors I am going to add a painted graphic. I like adding color to a space, but felt that white interiors on trailers look best. I am going to keep my new walls with the wood look, but everything else (ceiling, cabinets, seating, etc) will be white. The interiors of these is where there will be color. The insides are a mix of two tones of turquoise.
I really like the look that was created with this technique that comes from Better Homes and Gardens.

















I want to do something similar with the interior cabinet doors. I think that I am going to go with the theme of the trailer and create 4 themes based off of travel. These will be cliche travel imagery but in my own version; mountain, lake, ocean and desert scenes. I won’t actually paint these until I get other things finished though. I want these to be the first things that I paint in the new space.

Like a lot of people, I have been enjoying Pinterest. I recently came across a very useful item that can be used for cords. It is also great for using up small scraps of fabric. I have some tools in my trailer that I would like to keep the cords together. This would be a perfect fix.


  1. Jerry Shelly says:

    Looking forward to seeing all the painting. I liked the use of small scraps of fabric to hold cords together. Love, Dad

    • rebecca says:

      Hey Dad,
      I should be posting a new post soon about the trailer. It is starting to finally start looking like how I wanted it to. I even got water running in the sink yesterday!

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