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Having lived in my current apartment for two years, I am feeling like I have a lot of stuff. My goal this year is to get rid of or be creative with what I have. I have a lot of things that I already feel like I could get rid of. The hoarder in me doesn’t want to just in case I may need it, but I should do some purging. It always helps to have things simplified and organized.

I came across the blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons and she had created in the past a 21 day challenge of organizing. It makes sense to spend a little time each day cleaning up. I am going to try this and see how far I get with cleaning. It will be a good exersize.

Since I am a home canner, I love seeing creative things done with canning jars. Unfortunately I treat them in a purely functional manner and do not use them as decoration. I have two large vintage blue ones that I do not use and this demo reminds me of them. This is a very creative way to give them some life if you do not plan on using them for food or drink.

Color tinting demo by momtastic.









I have been wanting to make a dress form for awhile now. A year ago, I bought a vintage dress form for $40 from a dress shop. It was almost my size. The breast measurement is larger and the shoulders are way off. It works as a stable work environment for a little while, but I want something more accurate. I was thinking that since I am an artist, I can build things. I have created molds and resin casts before, but I never thought of making a replica of my body with silicone spray and a plaster cast. I started researching the web to see if I could come up with some helpful hints on just making a plaster cast. As I came across other people’s projects I realized that even doing it with the plaster would not be the exact copy of my body. If I am going to go through the trouble of making a plaster cast of my body, I want it to be as close to my real size as possible and lasting.

I came across this amazing online demo by Jenna Sauerson on Jezebel on how to create a form that starts with a plaster mold, yet then fills it with expanding foam. After removing the plaster, your dress form is your exact size (after some sanding). I already have the stand from my former dress form to use.

Phase 1: Plaster mold of body

Phase 2: Filling form with spray foam and finishing with fabric cover

I have decided that I am going to go in this direction. I will probably actually use my studio for this. At least I will be doing something productive there:)


Since I have been really interested in fabric these days I always enjoy coming across a project that uses it differently. I came across this really creative way of using lacy fabric as a screen. I would have never of thought of this. It gives the window a decorative look, yet also is functional of keeping bugs out.

365 saker du kan slojda








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