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Since I haven’t quite got my suit ready for the final patterns, I am showing some of my recent projects. Here is a photo that shows the front of the suit. I feel like this fits, yet I am still working on getting the back fitted without puckers. It is very hard not being able to see it directly. I have to get this figured out soon because I am way behind on my sew-along….I feel like a student again who hasn’t done their homework.

The suit is so close! I feel like my lack of experience with making suits is holding me back. I am learning an incredible amount in how to adjust a pattern and fit with muslin. I have sewn and unsewn this piece so many times that I can’t wait to not look at muslin for awhile. My boyfriend just helped me to pin it in the back to fit better. I am just going to go for it and see what happens with the other fabric.

I do have a suit that I made before this that I adjusted quite a bit also. I was thinking of using some of the pattern for this pattern, but I wanted to stay true to the lines of the original. There are a few differences with the patterns that would have made it a little weird. My friend Vanessa thankfully took some photos of the garments. Below is my first ever suit. It is made with a charcoal linen that I bought from Mood Fabrics. The lining I bought at Fabric Depot. The shirt I made with my last sewing machine and it did not have a buttonhole feature on it, so I sewed them by hand. The fabric and the pattern I bought at Farbric World. I also made this shirt before I understood how to change the pattern to fit. If I were to remake this shirt, I would add more to the back for the shoulders.












I also made a capelet. Meg over at Sew Happy Clothes had an amazing capelet and it inspired me to buy the pattern. I love how it has a belt that gives it a fitted feel. I found this material at a vintage shop here in Portland. I believe that it is a fleece wool blend. Maybe that doesn’t even exist, but that is what it feels like. This cape is great for the lovely spring time here in Portland. Today felt like summer and I mowed my lawn. Tomorrow it will probably rain again, but at least my cheeks finally got kissed by the sun. I noticed how pale I look in the first photo on the post. I am ready to soak up some summer sun soon! First, however, I have to finish this new suit!!!

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3 thoughts on “Recent sewing projects

  1. Your pale skin is so pretty! I bet the closeups are poreless.

    I’m wondering if you thought of trying the “I don’t have a flat backside” alterations I used on my coat. At the risk of pestering you, I’ll say that once I expanded the backside region of my 30’s coat, the wrinkles went away.

  2. The pale factor probably has more to do with the fact that we have had a winter of rain and last month it rained every day. Once summer comes for us it is straight sunshine and we crave it. I am not a person who tans very well, but I just miss seeing the sun.
    I checked out your blog post about the back, but I couldn’t quite see on my coat where I could make a similar adjustment. Yours was amazing how it completely cleaned up. I may try making some slits in the seam allowance curves to see if that is what is making it act funny. Tonight I will take a photo of it and upload it to the flickr account. I am going to at least start prepping the other pattern pieces. I never thought that this would take me so long.

  3. Hmmm… I was going to draw some lines on your picture, but I think there might be a better approach. Cut the CB seam of your jacket from hem to waist and put it on. You may see a release of some wrinkles. Then try the same thing with your SB seams. You may even need to release the side seams a little bit, but I’d try it one seam at a time. You’ll probably end up with wedges all over your backside and fewer wrinkles. The wedges will help you figure out how much to add to the pattern. It makes the pattern look really weird but works. Simplicity 4044 jacket piece, 5th picture down on the left. It has a very crooked cb seam.

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